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Unguentum M Cream

Almirall Ltd


Unguentum M has emollient properties and can be used as a protective cream. It is an ambiphilic topical preparation with emollient properties, combining the high lipid content of an ointment with the water-miscible characteristics of a cream. The high lipid content reduces water loss from the skin and this hydrating effect permits recovery from dermatitis, eczema and dry or scaly skin conditions. Unguentum M also contains sorbic acid which has an antibacterial effect


For the symptomatic treatment of dermatitis, nappy rash, ichthyosis, eczema, protection of raw and abraded skin areas, pruritus and related skin conditions where dry scaly skin is a problem, and as a pre-bathing emollient for dry/eczematous skin, to alleviate the effects of drying

Preparations Available


Sizes Available

50g, 100g, 200ml (pump pack), 500g


£1.41 – 50g, £2.78 – 100g, £5.50 – 200ml, £8.48 – 500g

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