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Diprobase is a range of emollients with moisturising and protective properties, recommended for the management of eczema and other dry skin conditions. 


Diprobase Cream is an emollient, moisturising and protective cream for the follow-up treatment with topical steroids or in spacing such treatment. It may also be used as diluent for topical steroids. Diprobase Cream is recommended for the symptomatic treatment of red inflamed, damaged, dry or chapped skin, the protection of raw skin areas and as a pre-bathing emollient for dry/eczematous skin to alleviate drying areas. The Diprobase Lotion relieves and soothes dry or eczematous skin. 

Preparations Available

Cream; ointment; lotion

Sizes Available

Cream: 50g (tube), 500g (pump). Ointment: 50g (tube), 500g (tub). Lotion: 50ml (tube), 300ml (pump pack)


Cream: £1.28 (50g), £6.32 (500g). Ointment: £1.28 (50g), £5.99 (500g). Lotion: £1.28 (50ml), £3.49 (300ml)

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