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Eucerin DermoPurifyer Post-Acne Marks

Eucerin DermoPurifyer Post-Acne Marks

Beiersdorf UK Ltd


Reduction and prevention of blemishes and post-acne marks. 95% agree: Finally beats post-acne marks. Triple Effect Serum with patented Thiamidol formulated to reduce post-acne marks, reduce blemishes (Salicylic Acid), and control shine. First visible results in 2 weeks.

Protective Fluid with SPF 30 formulated to prevent blemishes, control shine, and protect post-acne marks from darkening due to the sun. Enhanced efficacy together with Triple Effect Serum.


Acne, PIH, pigmentation, dark spots

Preparations Available

Serum; fluid (SPF 30)

Sizes Available

40ml (serum); 50ml (fluid)


£16 (DT)

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