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Espère Healthcare


A specialist after-care treatment for the treatment and hydration of burnt, damaged or vulnerable skin immediately after wound closure. Combines the strength of freshly processed, pure aloe vera gel (Aruba Aloe barbadensis) and high-quality oils and ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin E and vitamin C. Helps to prevent scar formation and reduces itching and redness of the skin. Hydrates dry, sensitive and vulnerable skin and improves the flexibility of tight, non-elastic skin affected by burns and scalds. Also available with an integral SPF 30 sun block


Suitable for the aftercare of burns, skin grafts, donor sites and skin damaged by radiotherapy, laser treatments and hypostatic eczema


Do not use on open wounds or when sensitive to one or more components

Sizes Available

30ml; 100ml; 250ml; 59ml (SPF 30)


£19.14; £35:26; £59.43; £30.17 (Drug Tariff)

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