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ActiFast Tubular Bandages

ActiFast Tubular Bandages

L&R Medical UK Ltd


ActiFast is a versatile, cotton, 2-way stretch tubular bandage range that is soft to the touch and has low sensitivity. It can be used in a variety of skin conditions, including the acute management of atopic eczema, by means of the wet wrapping technique. The bandage is easy to apply, can be cut to size and shape, and is safe to use where compression is contraindicated. ActiFast also provides a suitable protective layer under compression bandages or wraps


For a variety of skin conditions including atopic eczema (for wet wrapping) and for dressing retention

Preparations Available

Tubular bandages

Sizes Available

Small limb (red line): 3.5cmx1m. Medium limb (green line): 5cmx1m; 5cmx3m; 5cmx5m. Large limb (blue line): 7.5cmx1m; 7.5cmx3m; 7.5cmx5m.

Child trunk (yellow line): 10.75cmx1m; 10.75cmx3m; 10.75cmx5m.

Adult trunk (beige line): 17.5cmx1m. Large adult trunk (purple line): 20cmx1m, 20cmx5m


Red line: £0.57;

Green line: £0.59, £1.65, £2.86

Blue line: £0.78, £2.17, £3.59;

Yellow line: £1.22, £3.56, £5.80;

Beige line: £1.87;

Purple line: £3.26, £16.07

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