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Derbac M Liquid contains malathion, a widely used organophosphorus insecticide that inhibits cholinesterase. It is effective against a wide range of insects, but is one of the least toxic organophosph…

E45 Bath Oil

An effective yet gentle bath oil that is clinically proven to soothe and moisturise dry skin. It creates a lasting barrier that protects against moisture loss

E45 Cream

E45 Cream contains hypoallergenic lanolin, light liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin, all of which have emollient moisturising properties

E45 Itch Relief Cream

E45 Itch Relief Cream contains urea and lauromacrogols. Urea is a physiological product derived from human protein metabolism. It is found naturally in the skin and, when applied topically, can increa…

E45 Lotion

An emollient lotion containing light liquid paraffin 4%, cetomacrogol, white soft paraffin 10%, hypoallergenic anhydrous

E45 Wash Cream

E45 Wash Cream is an emollient soap substitute that is clinically proven to wash dry and itchy skin conditions

Full Marks

Full Marks contains isopropyl myristate and cyclomethicone. It is a thin, oily liquid, which spreads quickly and completely through the hair to saturate the scalp and kill head lice and eliminate thei…