Dermatology Handbook

The professional's guide to product selection

Allergy testing

Finn Chambers

Finn Chamber is a patch test device that provides good occlusion because of the chamber design. The 8mm inner diameter provides a 50mm² area and about 20µl volume. Finn Chambers are available mounted on Scanpor tape, Actavis Norway AS, Norgesplaster, with protective paper backing that is easily peeled away. The chambers are made of aluminium. Polypropylene coated chambers (8, 12, 18mm) and 12mm aluminium chambers are available for special purposes.

Skin Prick Test Metal Lancets

Metal lancets with angular shoulders and a small 1mm pricker, without barb so can be used in either orientation. The shaft is 38.1mm long and stiffened by two ridges. Boxes of 200 lancets available.