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Moisturisers (humectant)


Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream Basic

GlucoRx Allpresan is a urea-based foot foam used for the specific treatment of dry skin in patients with... More Info


Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream Intensive

GlucoRx Allpresan is a urea-based foot foam used for the specific treatment of very dry skin in patients... More Info



Apriro is a triple actionformulation containing 1.47% glycerol and propylene glycol 5.8%, restoring lipid... More Info


AproDerm Colloidal Oat Cream

AproDerm Colloidal Oat Cream is suitable from birth and is free from paraffin, SLS, parabens, benzyl... More Info


Aquadrate 10% w/w Cream

Aquadrate is a smooth textured, unperfumed, white to off-white cream, containing, amongst other things,... More Info


Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm

Clinically proven to help support the skin’s own regeneration process. Creates a protective barrier... More Info


Aveeno Cream

Formulated with naturally active colloidal oatmeal and fragrance free. This cream is proven to restore... More Info


Balneum Cream

Balneum Cream contains ingredients such as 5% urea and ceremide 3. Urea retains water and increases skin... More Info


Calmurid Cream

Calmurid contains urea at a concentration of 10% and has keratolytic, antimicrobial, antipruritic and... More Info


CeraVe Moisturising Cream

CeraVe Moisturising Cream is a rich, oil-free cream specifically formulated to moisturise sensitive skin... More Info

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