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Heine Delta 20T


Brymill Cryogenic Systems (UK) Ltd


The new Delta 20T offers unrivalled precision optics and the functionality to toggle between polarised and non-polarised illumination. No time consuming exchange of contact plates is necessary, at the same time contact dermatoscopy with immersion liquids is possible at any point, allowing the examination method to be matched with the respective pigmented skin lesion to obtain the best diagnosis. The Heine dermatoscope is a vital screening tool for use in general practice and dermatology departments alike. Allowing different diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions, the contact dermatoscope principle gives an invaluable insight into the structure and nature of skin lesions and melanoma. When used in conjunction with the Heine Compendium of Dermatology, the dermatoscope allows the practitioner to accurately determine and detect potential malignancies using LED illumination.


To aid the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions or other skin conditions such as scabies. 


Available as either a battery handle, mobile charging handle or desktop rechargeable device that can be attached to a compact digital, DSLR camera or smartphone.




From £738.59