Dermatology Handbook

The professional's guide to product selection


About the Dermatology Handbook website

The Dermatology Handbook has become an indispensible tool for those working in dermatology in the UK. Now it's online for the first time.

The new website combines the ease of use and accessibility of the paper Handbook with the ability to keep the contents constantly updated. New products will be added on launch, and discontinued ones removed, providing practitioners with the most up-to-date source of information on product availability.
We have exciting plans for future developments to this site, so make sure to visit often. In the meantime, we value your feedback and suggestions, so please use the feedback tab on the side to share your ideas. If other people like them, we'll do our best to act on them.
If you would like your products considered for inclusion on the site, please send us an email. is published by MA Healthcare Ltd. The paper Handbook was compiled by Julie van Onselen, from JVO Consultancy.

Note on the source material
Information on medical devices and medical equipment has been sourced from the pharmaceutical or medical device companies. Information on the product descriptions and indications of prescription-only medicines (POMs) has been sourced from a range of publicly accessible resources.