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Ovelle Products

Elave Sensitive Body Lotion

Light moisturising lotion formula that is quickly absorbed by the skin helping to relieve the itch of dry skin. It contains camomile to soothe irritated skin and is an ideal emollient for dry patches and eczema. It also contains paraffinum liquidum a…

Elave Sensitive Intensive Cream

Elave Sensitive Intensive Cream is an emollient treatment cream formulated to protect the skin’s natural barrier and reduce flare-ups of dry, itchy, sensitive, ultra-sensitive, reactive, eczema and dermatitis prone skin. The emollient rich formula co…

Elave Sensitive Intensive Ointment

Formulated to protect the skins natural barrier and reduce flare-ups of eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other dry itchy sensitive skin conditions. The emollient rich formula contains 30% white soft paraffin and 50% liquid paraffin to moisturise and…

Elave Sensitive Sun SPF30

Elave Sensitive Sun SPF30 is an EU compliant broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection system. Contains physical and chemical sunscreen with vitamins B5, C and E. If used as directed it can prevent long-term sun damage of the skin decreasing the risk of …

Ovelle Emulsifying Ointment BP

Contains a preservative-free blend of ingredients to hydrate and soften all skin types, especially dry skin. Formulated without fragrance or colours, it gently soothes as a moisturiser and cleanses as a soap substitute or bath additive.