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Anhydrol Forte

Anhydrol Forte contains aluminium chloride hexahydrate, which is believed to denature the protein content of sweat issuing from eccrine glands, and to combine with the intraductal keratin fibrils, producing a functional closure. The antibacterial action of the aluminium ion also precludes the development of miliaria. Accordingly, there is no secondary inflammation. The intraluminal pressure rises to the point where it acts as a feedback system, shutting off acinar secretion


Driclor acts locally, in the stratum corneum and the terminal duct to relieve hyperhidrosis. Aluminium chloride hexahydrate is acidic and is thought to act by diffusing into the sweat ducts where on neutralisation it forms gelatinous hydroxides which obstruct the flow of sweat. The antiperspirant effect of aluminium chloride hexahydrate is partly explained by production of mechanical blockage in the eccrine sweat duct. Following application, aluminium is found in the stratum corneum and intra-luminally in the terminal duct