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Espère Healthcare Products


A specialist after-care treatment for the treatment and hydration of burnt, damaged or vulnerable skin immediately after wound closure. Combines the strength of freshly processed, pure aloe vera gel (…

BAP Scar Care Gel

Quick drying, non-greasy, medical silicone gel enriched with vitamin E. Produces an invisible matt finish, making it especially suitable for use on the face or under cosmetic camouflage. Can be applie…

BAP Scar Care S

A standard (1.2mm thick) transparent, self-adhesive silicone dressing. Can be applied under clothing and compression therapy. Each dressing is designed to be washed and reused for several weeks

BAP Scar Care T

Ultra-thin (0.3mm), flexible, self-adhesive thin and transparent medical silicone dressing. Each dressing can be worn continuously for up to 7 days then discarded and replaced

DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing

DermaSilk are itch-reducing garments and tubular sleeve that are designed to treat pruritus and irritation caused by eczema, dry skin and dermatitis in adults and ch…

Microair Barrier Socks and Gloves

Microair barrier fabric prevents allergens/irritants from getting into contact with the skin but still lets it breathe. This is a tri-layered fabric, made of a knitted polyester microfibre in layers 1…



Molutrex contains a stable solution of potassium hydroxide (also known as KOH). This agent breaks down the hard keratin surface of the skin. When painted onto the molluscum blisters this sets off an i…

Viticolor Gel

Viticolor Gel

Viticolor is a gel that has been designed to give a gradual, semi-permanent colour to depigmented skin in vitiligo. Viticolor contains a combination of 3 approved colouring agents, which give imm…