Dermatology Handbook

The professional's guide to product selection

Emollient washes & shower preparations

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

A mild formulation that gently moisturises and removes unwanted impurities, without stripping the skin’s natural protective oils and emollients, or upsetting the pH balance. Soothing and fragrance free, daily use relieves the dryness often caused by medicated skin products without itching or irritation

Cetaphil Restoraderm Skin Restoring Body Wash

The body wash includes skin-nourishing oils in a soap-free foaming wash that gently cleanses without irritation or drying of skin. The wash contains innovative ingredients to preserve moisture content, enhance the skin’s integrity and rebuild the natural barrier function. It is ideal as part of the daily management of dry skin for the whole family

Doublebase Emollient Shower Gel and Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel

Doublebase Emollient Shower Gel and Doublebase Emollient Wash Gel are designed to deliver emollient ingredients into the stratum corneum when gently applied to areas of dry skin. They are relatively non-greasy, despite their high oil content. The oily ingredients, isopropyl myristate and liquid paraffin, encourage rehydration and softening of dry skin by forming an occlusive barrier within the skin surface, which reduces drying resulting from evaporation of water diffusing from the underlying layers. Both products are suitable for use as a soap substitute owing to the presence of a non-ionic emulsifier (cetomacrogol)

E45 Wash Cream

E45 Wash Cream is an emollient soap substitute that is clinically proven to wash dry and itchy skin conditions

Eucerin UreaRepair Plus Urea Shower Foam

Contains urea, NMF, glycerin, mild surfactants and skin-soothing perfume. For gentle yet effective rub-free cleansing with a soft foam texture. Allergen and sensitiser ingredient-free soothing scent with anti-inflammatory properties.

Medi Derma-PRO Foam and Spray Incontinence Cleanser

Medi Derma-PRO Foam and Spray Incontinence Cleanser

pH-balanced, skin-friendly, no-rinse, moisturising cleanser suitable for use on severely damaged skin from moisture-associated skin damage. Can be used in a foam or spray mode for easy application to difficult to-reach areas

Oilatum Shower Gel

Oilatum Shower Gel

A moisturising shower gel that soothes and conditions the skin, relieving it from itching and dryness.

QV Gentle Wash

QV Gentle Wash

A soap-free, foaming liquid wash. It contains 15% Glycerin. It is formulated for use on dry or sensitive skin, and is pH balanced, fragrance free, lanolin free, colour free, non-comedogenic, dermatologically and Ophthalmologist tested, and hypoallergenic.