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Dermatology products



Bactroban contains mupirocin, an antibiotic. It has bacteriostatic properties at minimum inhibitory concentrations... More Info


Balneum Bath Oil

Emollient bath oil containing 84.7% soya oil More Info


Balneum Cream

Balneum Cream contains ingredients such as 5% urea and ceremide 3. Urea retains water and increases skin... More Info


Balneum Plus Bath Oil

Bath oil with active ingredients that have emollient and local anesthetic properties (lauromacrogols... More Info


Balneum Plus Cream

Balneum Plus Cream has been shown to increase the lipid content of the epidermis, thus soothing and smoothing... More Info


BAP Scar Care Gel

Quick drying, non-greasy, medical silicone gel enriched with vitamin E. Produces an invisible matt finish,... More Info


BAP Scar Care S

A standard (1.2mm thick) transparent, self-adhesive silicone dressing. Can be applied under clothing... More Info


BAP Scar Care T

Ultra-thin (0.3mm), flexible, self-adhesive thin and transparent medical silicone dressing. Each dressing... More Info


Bazuka Extra Strength

Bazuka Extra Strength is a 26% salicylic acid solution. The wart/calluses should be abraded between applications.... More Info


Bell's Emollient

Bell’s Emollient is an ointment containing 50% w/w liquid paraffin BP and 50% w/w white soft paraffin.... More Info

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