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Dermatology products


Quinoderm Cream /Quinoderm Cream 5

Quinoderm contains a combination of the mild keratolytic properties of benzoyl peroxide and the antibacterial... More Info


QV Bath Oil

Clear, water dispersible formula containing light paraffin 85.13%. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced.... More Info


QV Cream

Glycerol 10%, light paraffin 10% and white soft paraffin 5%. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced.... More Info


QV Gentle Wash

Soap free wash containing glycerol 15%. Dermatologically tested and pH balanced. Free from SLS, colour,... More Info


QV Intensive Ointment

QV Intensive Ointment contains light liquid paraffin 50.5% and white soft paraffin 20%. It is a highly... More Info


QV Skin Lotion

An emollient lotion with glycerol, a naturally occurring humectant More Info

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